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All Problems One Solution Must Read This

All Problems One Solution

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all problems one solution


In the shelter of the full saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji, every problem has a solution. In the human body itself, you can share your problems with each other and find solutions to them. But after suicide, a person has to go to the vagina of phantom vagina or other animals and birds where there will be terrible sufferings. Now there is no need to commit suicide, instead of embracing death, attach affection to the full saint and get rid of worldly sufferings and chronic disease like death by doing scriptural devotion. In the rough times of life, everyone feels disappointed when they leave here with them. all problems one solution

But the person who gets the refuge of a complete saint is never desperate, but by using this human birth properly, he is free from birth and death forever. Human life is very precious, use it properly. Do not end by committing suicide. Satbhakti by taking name preaching from full Guru not only removes the troubles of this life but also all births. Now do not think of suicide. Sometimes some people take the idea of ​​suicide due to domestic troubles or other financial and social problems. suicide is not a solution all problems one solution

The solution to this is that complete saint Rampal ji should get good faith from Maharaj ji, through which good sanskars are formed and God is supported, which removes the problem. Do not think now about the suicide, the Gods also crave to get to the human body because salvation is possible only in the human body. It is foolish to destroy such a precious body by suicide. Any kind of problem is overcome by the devotion of God. Get Satbhakti from the full saint and do your welfare. Suicide felony Human life is rare. With this, we can always go to a place where there is no suffering. all problems one solution

That is why do not destroy it by committing suicide, but do good faith with it, which will also remove the present troubles and will be able to go to the happy world. Should never commit suicide. People who were once committing suicide, today are living a very relaxed life with full sermon preaching. Do not commit suicide, this is a serious crime. Take a quick sermon to Sant Rampal Ji, do not waste your life. At the present time, when the complete saints are on earth, it is the greatest foolishness to think of committing suicide. all problems one solution

Nowthe chain of suicide will stop, any elderly, mother, brother, sister child need not be disappointed with life because the solution to every problem in your life is now in the devotion told by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Take refuge in them. Now no one will think about self-immolation. In the mother’s womb, we get to know the importance of this precious human life. all problems one solution

But as soon as we come to this Kaal Lok, we forget the importance of this precious life and get lost in worldly activities and seek happiness in this Kaal Lok, where there is only sorrow. To live a happy life, come to the shelter of the full saint. Do not commit suicide now To commit suicide means to put oneself in grave danger. Trouble cannot be overcome by committing suicide, only the body can perish. After that the animal vagina is ready. Then there is trouble only. Suicide is not the solution. Grief or mental stress is the main cause of suicide in a person’s life. all problems one solution

Unhappiness or mental stress can only be eradicated by the full devotion of the Supreme God. There is no other solution. Suicide does not solve the problem.

Rather, precious human life is destroyed by suicide. If you want to live life happily, then you should do devotion. The life that happens after committing suicide is more painful than this life. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj says that committing suicide and murder is a great crime, it is a gross crime. Such a person is punished severely in hell. Human life is precious, do not destroy it by committing suicide, know the basic purpose of human birth.
Manusha is born, who does not write the name Hari. Like water without water, what work was done. Man has been born for devotion to the divine. If devotion is not found then human life will be wasted. Then, dogs, donkeys, pigs, lions etc. will have to wander in 84 lakh yoni. Some people ruin human life by getting suicidal. all problems one solution
While human birth is so precious, even deities long for human birth. Because in human birth, a person can get salvation by taking initiation from the saint. For your information, let us tell you that at present the saint is only Rampal Ji Maharaj. Today, millions of people have found a new way of living with the spiritual knowledge told by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.all problems one solution
All his followers have been overcome by mental stress, planetary problems, dowry, intoxication etc. problems due to the spiritual knowledge told by Saint Ji. Instead of destroying your life, make it meaningful and get salvation by taking name initiation from Santji. Ignorance and social evils such as dowry do not know how many daughters commit suicide. all problems one solution
We do not want anyone to repeat such mistake. Therefore, listen to the satsang words of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and join him for free and get the amazing benefits of Satbhakti. Suicide can never be overcome. Only the body is destroyed by this, because the law of this creation is that one will have to suffer the fruits of sin and action in any birth. all problems one solutio Only sinful deeds can be cut off by the devotion of full Brahman Kabir Sahib. Read the holy book Gyan Ganga for more information.all problems one solution


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