cold bread motivational short story

cold bread motivational short story

there was a boy. Mother got him married. But he was not earning anything. Whenever mother used to serve bread to him, she used to say that son, eat cold bread. The boy did not understand why the mother says so. Still he remained silent. One day when the mother went out for some work, while leaving, she asked her daughter-in-law (the boy’s wife) to serve bread to the boy when he came. After serving bread, tell him to eat cold bread. When she said the same to her husband, he got irritated that mother always says, she has learned to say this too! He said to his wife, tell me, how did the roti get cold? Bread is also hot, pulses and greens are also hot, then how do you say cold bread? She said that your mother should know this. Your mother told me to say so, so I said it. He said that I will not eat bread. Mother used to say, you also learned! When the mother came home, she asked the daughter-in-law whether the boy had eaten. She said that they didn’t eat at all, on the contrary they got angry! When the mother asked the boy, he said that mother, you used to say daily to eat cold bread and I used to tolerate it, now she has learned to say this too! The roti is hot, you tell me how is the roti cold? Mother asked what is called cold bread? cold bread motivational short story

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He said that the roti made in the morning gets cold in the evening. Similarly, the roti prepared for one day gets cold on the second day. Stale bread is cold and fresh bread is hot. Silently said – Son, now you think carefully. Your father’s earnings are cold, stale bread. Hot, fresh bread will be there only when you earn and bring it yourself. The boy understood and told his mother that now I will earn myself and eat hot bread! This story teaches us that after getting married, we should not eat cold bread, we should eat our own bread. When Lord Rama went into exile, Ravana took away Sita. It is not heard in any Ramayana that Ramji has informed Bharat that Ravana has taken my wife, you help me. The reason is that Ramji understood that if he has married then it is his duty to protect and take care of the woman. He first helped Sugriva with the strength of his arms, then took help from him. Sugriva got help for one of his women by giving these four things – state, treasury, pura and woman. That’s why marriage should be done only then, When there is strength to nurture women and children. If you do not have this power, then you should not get married. cold bread motivational short story


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