good vs evil short stories

good vs evil short stories

Pandit Jaidev has become a very good saint. A king used to have a lot of devotion on him and used to make all his arrangements on his own behalf. That Brahmin deity (Jayadev) was a renunciate and despite being a householder, he did not want to ‘get something, give someone money’. His wife was also very virtuous because God had got her married, he did not want to marry. It’s a matter of one day, good vs evil short stories

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The king gave him a lot of money, gems worth lakhs of rupees. Taking them, he left from there and walked towards the house. There was a forest in the valley. The dacoits came to know about this. They surrounded Jayadeva in the forest and took away all the wealth he had. The dacoit came to mind that he is the master of the king, if he survives somewhere, he will get us caught. So he cut off both the hands of Jaydev and dropped them in a dry well. Jaidev remained lying inside the well. In a day or two the king came to the forest. When his men returned the money to the well to get water, they said to the well, ‘Brother, be careful, I may not get hit. There is no water in it, what are you doing!’ When those people heard the voice, they said that this voice is of Panditji. How did Panditji come here? He told the king that Maharaj! Panditji is speaking very well. The king went there. When they pulled him out of the well with a rope, he saw that both his hands were cut off. He was asked how did this happen? So they said, look brother, it has happened as it was our destiny. He was asked a lot to tell me who he is and how he is. But he didn’t tell anything, just said that it is the result of our deeds. The king took him home. Served them in every way by dressing them, treating them and feeding them etc. good vs evil short stories

Once upon a time. The four dacoits who had cut off Jaydev’s hands were going somewhere in the guise of sages. The king saw him as well as Jaidev. Jaidev recognized him that he was the dacoit. He told the king that look Rajan. You insist a lot to take money. If you want to give money, then give money to those four who are going, they are my friends. Give money to me or give it to my friends, it is the same thing. The king was surprised that Panditji had never said ‘Aap de do’ to anyone in his entire life, but today he has said it! The king called all four of them. When they came and saw that Panditji was sitting there with his hands cut off, then his life started drying up that now some trouble would come! Now they will get us killed. The king treated him with great respect and took him to the treasury. Gave them plenty of gold, silver, seals etc. He took a lot of money in taking it, but the burden became more in his possession. What should we do now? how to take So the king asked his men to send him. Got the money kept in the ride and sent the soldiers along with it. they were going. On the way, the senior officer among those soldiers, it occurred to him that Panditji never asks anyone to give anything and today he has asked to give it, so what is the matter! He asked him that Maharaj, you tell what favor you have done to Panditji? What is your relation with Panditji? Today we have Panditji. For many years, I have seen that it is against nature that Panditji does not say that you should give it to anyone, but said so for you, so what is the matter? All four of them started looking at each other, Then said that one day he was going to die, so we saved him from death. His hands should be cut, otherwise his throat would have been cut. He is paying the revenge of that day. The earth could not tolerate such talk of his. The earth exploded and all four of them got absorbed in the earth. It became very difficult for the soldiers as to where to take the money now! They got merged in the earth! Now he returned from there and came and told everything. Panditji started crying loudly after listening to him. When he started wiping tears while crying, his hands became whole. Seeing this, the king was very surprised that what a spectacle this is. How did the hands come?

The king thought that he was a close friend of his, that’s why Panditji weeps because of his death. Asked him that Maharaj, tell me right, what is the matter? You preach us that we should not grieve, we should not worry, then why do you cry because of the loss of friends? Why do you mourn? So he said that these four men took away the money from me and cut off his hands. The king was very surprised and said that Maharaj, those who cut hands How did you say friend? Jaidev said that look Rajan! One preaches with words and one preaches with actions. The one who preaches by action is higher. The hands with which I took money and gems from you, those hands should be cut off. He did this work and also took away the money. That’s why he did me a favor, blessed me, due to which my sin was cut off. That’s why he became my friend. I cried for the fact that people call me a saint, a good man, a pundit, a religious person and because of me those poor people lost their lives! That’s why I prayed to God by crying that O Nath! When people call me a good person, they make a big mistake. Today four people died because of me, so how am I good? I am very evil Hey Nath! Please forgive my mistake What do I do now? There is nothing left in my hands; So what else can I do except pray. The king was very surprised and said that Maharaj, you consider yourself guilty that four people died because of me, then how did you get into your hands? They said that God does not see the crimes, sins and demerits of his people. When he blessed, his hands came! The king said that Maharaj! They gave you so much pain then why did you get them money. They said look Rajan! He was greedy for money and due to greed he would cut off someone else’s hand; So thought that if you want to give money, then so much money should be given to them so that the poor people never have to kill any innocent. I was guilty, that’s why you gave me sorrow. But they should not hurt any innocent, so I got them a lot of money. The king was very surprised! He said why didn’t you tell me earlier? They said that Maharaj! If you had told earlier, you would have punished them. I didn’t want to punish them. I wanted to help them; Because he destroyed my sins, gave me practical advice. I suffered the consequences of my sins, that’s why my hands were cut off. Otherwise, in the court of God, while living in God, can he give undue punishment to someone? No one can give It is his favor that he made me pure by suffering the consequences of my sins. good vs evil short stories

This story proves that there is no one else who gives happiness or sorrow; It is foolish to understand that someone else gives happiness and sorrow – ‘Sukhsya dukhasya na koepi daata paro dadatiti kubuddhiresha’ (Adhyatma 0 2.6.6). Sorrow comes from our destiny, but if someone becomes an instrument in it, then pity should be felt that the poor man has become a part of sin for free! good vs evil short stories


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