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How To Live Better Life । Best Way Of Living

How To Live Better Life

how to live better life

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Hello friends, let us know some facts which we can use in our life and by following rules and dignities, we can live a very beautiful clean and supernatural life, as a result of which we can live a peaceful life in our past and present. How To Live Better Life

People who do not do religion and misuse money, drink alcohol, eat meat, consume tobacco or spend it in vain pretense, such unjustly taken away in Yamlok ie hellfire.

Alcohol, sulpha, opium, heroin, etc., etc., can be the cause of your Holocaust. Drugs first of all make a human being a devil. Then it destroys the body.

First, wear a Guru, then you should donate as instructed by Gurudev Ji. Make a donation without any guru and no matter how much name and remembrance garland is, it is a futile effort. This Satguru says call-call. how to live better life

Such as the tongue is a very important part of the body. If the divine is not used for praise and chanting, then it is meaningless because by this tongue someone sins by speaking lewd words. A powerful person tells the weak person the wrong thing that makes his soul cry. It gives bad luck. How To Live Better Life

You will have to renounce wasteful expenses in marriage. For example, in the marriage of a daughter, a large procession, giving dowry, is a futile tradition. Due to which the daughter is beginning to be considered a burden on the family and the process of killing her in the womb begins, which causes great calamity for the parents. Beti is the form of goddess. Our traditions made the daughter an enemy. How To Live Better Life

In the third skanda of Shri Devipuran, there is evidence that at the beginning of this universe, when his mother Shri Durga married the three gods (Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu ji and Shri Shiva ji), at that time there was no marriage or no .J was played. Shri Durga ji gave three girls (Savitri ji, Lakshmi ji, Parvati ji) to his sons (Shri Brahma ji, Shree Vishnu ji and Shree Shiva ji) saying that they are your wives. Take them and set up your own home. All three went to their respective worlds with their wives, which expanded the world. How To Live Better Life

The daughters and sons should marry according to the wishes of their parents. The marriage that took place from Supratha is leading a happy life till date. Like Shri Brahma and Shri Vishnu. Love marriage is to sow the seeds of unrest in society. Society is the spark of perversion.

After marriage, it becomes the duty of husband and wife to maintain their trust in each other. The sense is that both should maintain the dignity of Jati-Sati. The husband has a strong belief that my wife can never be devoted to another man, no matter how beautiful and rich he is. In this way, the wife has a strong belief that my husband cannot be reconciled after being influenced by another woman, even if a nymph comes from heaven. How To Live Better Life

Yati men call her who other than her woman do not keep husband and wife expressions in a woman. Know the lady in the age of mother, sister or daughter.

Such a woman is said to be the one who loves her husband. Apart from your husband, see other men of the world in terms of age, father, brother and son. Remain under the command of her husband. Serve with mind and body, do not do any work opposite to your husband. How To Live Better Life

If you do not do devotion and satsang service, charity with all your heart by making a complete guru, then in the next life you will become a plight by becoming a donkey-ox-dog. Neither food nor water will be available on time. There will be no means of escape from mosquito-fly, from summer-winter.

After leaving the human body, without devotion and auspiciousness, the creature will receive the bodies (bodies) of donkeys, bulls etc. Then there will be no food with human body. A donkey will eat dirt on a kurdi (garbage stack). Nath (a rope) will be put in the nose by making a bull. Will be tied to the rope. Neither can drink water when he is thirsty, nor will he eat food when he is hungry. How To Live Better Life

You should read the knowledge of Vedas and scriptures from Guruji, so that human life can be blessed by doing spiritual practice of true devotion.

Those who have no children, they have no transaction left. If they do devotion by taking initiation from a complete teacher then there is no one as fortunate as them. Neither the happiness of one’s birth, nor the sorrow of death. The philosophy of those without children is very auspicious. If you do not do devotion, even if you have children (children), whether you have children (without children), both of them destroy their lives. If you do devotion then the darshan of both is auspicious. How To Live Better Life

Motivators of sexual harassment: – Movies, in which fake, fake stories and dramas are shown, which young children are shameless by imitating them. The activity can be done in the home, nor in the street, nor in civilized society, as shown in the film. So what is the purpose of looking at them? nothing. The only excuse is entertainment. That entertainment is the root cause of society’s destruction. My (writer’s) followers do not watch the film at all.

Good and bad sanskars spread like infection like devotional rites also enter seed sown from the hand of the devotee. One who eats that grain also has the inspiration of devotion. If a drug addict sows a Hali seed while churning any other thoughts in the mind, then his thoughts also enter into that seed which affects the person who eats the grain. How To Live Better Life

If one drinks tamakhu (tobacco) in the bidi-hookah and sows the seeds, then the lust (subtle elements) of tamakhu enter that food too. Even the eater becomes the inspiration to eat tamakhu. Due to which intoxication is rapidly increasing among the youth.

“Tam” is called cow in the Afrikaans language. Khoo = blood is called blood. This tamakhu stems from cow’s blood. It has cow’s hair like roung (rom) on top of it. Hey man You are a hundred times proud that do not consume this Tamakhu in any form. Consuming tamakhu is a sin similar to drinking cow’s blood.

One is healthy due to auspicious and inauspicious deeds done in earlier births. He suddenly becomes sick and dies. Someone is poor, someone is rich. If someone has children, no one has. Until you start devotion again, only the previous rites are received.

People who eat meat are clear demons. They should not even see their face, that is, living with them may also get addicted to eating meat. So avoid them. He will go astray in forty-nine million lives. how to live better life

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