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How To Please God || Certified By Scriptures.

How To Please God

how to please god
How To Please God

Hello, I am placing before you some brief informative facts about how to please the devout souls God, which I hope will prove useful to you. Please also ask a cursed prayer that while reading this subject, please be patient. The elders have said that the truth is bitter. Once it is necessary to brainstorm whether it is right or wrong. How To Please God

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Kabir Parmeshwar Ji explained to Dharmadas that O Dharmadas! I now convey such knowledge, which will not have to wander anywhere. Listen diligently Those who sit under the water stream (waterfall) in the winter season rain cold water on their head and in the summer season, with five smokeless fire, sit in their midst and meditate. Those who stop breathing. Those who burn fire day and night. Drinking tobacco in Chillam, millions of organisms die in it. Those who do pilgrimage, they get entangled in birth-birth, that is, innumerable birth times. Those who go on pilgrimage and donate. First you bathe in that shrine. In it, the sin of violence of crores of creatures takes place. The virtue is one, sins are many. People from the world go hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. No one has heard our knowledge that it gives sins, does not get merit. The number of dives (dips) in the waters of the pilgrimage, each leads to violence. They break the stone and offer it to the stone idol, they are blind. Their trap, that is, the trap of time can never be missed. The names of the pilgrimages are mentioned: – The seekers who go to Lohagir, Pushkar and take bath. He feels a great sin. Kashi, Gaya, Prayag, Dwarka, Hari Ki Paidi signify salvation by going to Haridwar and bathing in a pilgrimage. Those gurus should wear shoes on their necks. Those who confuse beings in the (ethics) ritual. The Shastravidhi imparts knowledge of cultivation. Those in Pihowa (Haryana) say of filling the body, say of going to Badrinath. (Sarju) explains salvation by bathing in the Sun River. This practice is meaningless. By performing the pindadan, the ghost’s vagina is released, it does not get salvation. If the donkey got rid of the ghost’s ghost, then what was the benefit of donating it? How To Please God 

Goes to see Jagannath. A black idol is placed in a building (palace) of that Jagannath. Nobody searches for Jagannath who is universal. He does not meet anyone with wrong devotion. Bathing in the Godavari River and the Gomti River. It is said that we will receive the fruit of sixty-eight pilgrimages, that is, sixty-eight pilgrimages will receive salvation by bathing.
This is a misconception. Those who did not serve (worship) the full saint, then all his baths are in vain. Perform a crore Ashwamedha Yagya, it is not the same as the raja (dust) of the saint’s feet. Donate crores of cow, no profit. Taking Prabhi (fair of saints) for a moment to discuss knowledge with saints changes life. Those whose guests have not become saints, ie those who have not heard the satsang of the entire saint, cannot have knowledge of the true devotional method. There will be no salvation without him. Those who do pilgrimage and fast, there will be no escape in the body of all four Khani i.e. eighty-four lakh kinds of beings. Chaudas, Naumi, Dwadashi etc. do not fear the messenger of any fast. Those who observe Ekadashi fast. Karva tells the story of Chauth, observes a vow, she acquires donkey’s vagina. Those who narrate the story to the vow of Karvachauth, both will get the life of the donkey. How To Please God 

On-worship (except one God and do other spiritual practices), whether male or female, he will go to hell. Those who worship Durga Devi, Bhairava, worship the ghost. Wake up at night on having a son. They will all become partakers of hell, fall into hell. The Bagad (Kalauni) in which Durga Devi is awakened, causes the entire city to drown. Because that practice is arbitrary by abandoning the practice of scripture, which is meaningless. But those who perform his rituals are melodious, dance, and play instruments. Awakening the mind is awakening. The whole city starts to perform that ritual. Because of which that city itself goes to hell. How To Please God 
Example: One night a tent was placed in the courtyard of a house in which the awakening circle was stopped. The weather was neither summer nor winter. It was the month of October. Jagran was running out of the tent in the courtyard. The lead singer was saying that Saare Bolo Jai Mata Di. Next say Jai Mata Di, last speak Jai Mata Di. Yun went to the tent and immediately came out after drinking a cup of wine from the bottle of wine. As soon as I said, I did not listen Jai Mata Di, Oy! I do not listen The audience was speaking, Jai Mata Di He drank alcohol, how would he listen to it? The throat of the speakers got dry. He was saying that I did not listen. For this reason, the ritual (Jagaran) of Durga will have its effect wherever it is. There is no spiritual benefit. Only make the mind happy and go to hell. How To Please God 

So friends, let’s know what is the right method of devotion. Identifying the True God according to the first scripture, identifying the true Satguru who has the information mentioned in Gita chapter 15 verses 1 to 4, and leaving the deceit in the manner described in Gita chapter 4 verse 34 and asking them to see those spiritual saints disclosed the Secret of three mantras Click Here for more information.

I hope that you guys have liked this information, how to please God, for more such interesting information, you can visit our website or you can also read it by clicking on the summary below. Thank you !

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