how to pray with god

Oh Nath! I pray that you love me. This is my only demand and no other demand.

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Oh Nath! If I want heaven, put me in hell, if I want happiness, put me in eternal misery, but you love me. Oh Nath! I cannot live without you, you give such distraction.

Oh Nath! You set such a fire in my heart that I cannot live without your love.

Oh Nath! who is mine without you? To whom do I tell and who will listen?

O my refuge! where do i go What to do ? None is mine I used to consider some of the forgotten ones as my own. Betrayed by them, still I can be deceived, you save!

O my dear! O orphan! O refuge! O Purifier! Oh dear! O Protector! O infatuated! O baseless basis! O causeless karunavarunalaya! O the only means of the resourceless! O helper of the helpless! Do you not know me, what kind of ungrateful, how ungrateful, what criminal, what antithesis, what non-doing I am. As a cause of infinite miseries, who is attached even after knowing the pleasures, who considers harm to be beneficial, who does not warn even after repeatedly stumbling, who gets hurt again and again by turning away from you, who is not conscious even after knowing, who does not know, who will find you like this other than me? how to pray with god

Lord! Sorry mom! Sorry mom!! Hey mom! Hey mama!! Oh, Lord! Oh dear! When I see with my eyes wide open, the mind-intellect-life-senses and body are also not mine, then how can objects, persons etc. be mine! I know, say, but do not believe in reality. Has this condition of mine ever been hidden from you in the slightest? Then dear! What should I say! Oh Nath! Hey Nath!! O my Nath!!! Oh dear! Oh, Lord ! Take refuge by your side. Just love you. how to pray with god 

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