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is jesus not god । Jesus Christ is not God

is jesus not god

God appeared after the death of Jesus
After crushing Jesus, the full God Kabir Sahib, appearing as Jesus, appeared in many places and started appearing to the disciples. If God does not come, seeing the miracles of Jesus before the end of Jesus, no person would practice devotion, he would become an atheist. is jesus not god
(Bible John 16: 4-15)

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Parameswara appeared 3 days later as Jesus to keep his devotion strong. So that when the Bhakti Yuga comes, everyone should do devotion and seekers attain complete salvation.

The birth and death of Jesus was determined by all times (Jehovah)
The Holy Bible is in John 9: 1-34 that Jesus cured a blind person. Jesus said that it was not a sin, it was because the glory of the Lord was to be revealed. If he had sinned, Jesus could not fix his eyes. is jesus not god

Is Jesus God?
In the Christian Trinity, which tells of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Jesus was the Son of God.
Mark 1: 11- And a voice came from the sky: “You are my dear son, I am very happy with you.” It was proved that Jesus was the son of God. is jesus not god

Jesus was not a god, he used to show devotion to a god.
Hazrat Isa ji also met the full divine from Satyaloka and explained the path of one God. After this, Jesus began to explain his devotion to a god. People protested a lot. In between, the angels of Brahma (Kaal) kept distracting Hazrat Isa Ji and kept away the real knowledge. is jesus not god

Jesus was not God, miracles performed by him were predetermined.
In the miracles of Jesus Christ, it is written that a person suffering from a spirit has been cured. This Kaal itself inspires a phantom and ancestor to enter one’s body. Then by sending him to his sent messenger through someone, the ghost is banished. After making his incarnation glorified, he makes thousands of his followers and gets him trapped in the Kaal Trap and ends the earnings of the seeker with the wealth of previous devotion and puts him in hell. is jesus not god

Jesus Christ is not God

He was the sent incarnation of Kaal, the miracles performed by him and his death were predetermined.
All this time is the well-planned trap of Jyoti Niranjan (Brahma). Due to which the incarnations sent by him become glorified and All the creatures around can become adamant on him and become adamant on the Brahman practice he has told. When the messengers of God come, no one believes. is jesus not god

The death of Jesus Christ
Hazrat Jesus died at the age of 30, which was predetermined. Jesus himself said that my death is near.
(Matthew 26: 24-55, page 42-44)

God is immortal, but Jesus Christ died
The death of Hazrat Jesus was predetermined. Jesus himself said that only one of my twelve disciples would hold me opponents. One of the main disciples of Jesus Christ was Judas Iksaroti, who, in the greed of thirty rupees, surrendered his master to the opponents. is jesus not god
(Matthew 26: 24-55, page 42-44)

The saintly Jesus Christ received only his predetermined life period, which had already been written about him in the earlier religious scriptures.
On page 1 of “Matthew’s News” it is written that Yakub’s son was Yusuf. Yusuf was the husband of Maryam.
Maryam was conceived by an angel. Then Hazrat Jesus was born, in the eyes of the society, Jesus’ father was Yusuf. (Matthew 1: 1-18)

Holy Christianity was established from Hazrat Isa.
Devotees of Jesus Christ
The soul was called Christian and the holy Christian religion was uplifted.

Jesus was born to a deity.
Evidence: The Gospel of Holy Bible, Mati = 1: 25 Page no. 1–2.
The name of the revered mother of Jesus Christ was Mary and the name of the revered father was Joseph. But Mary was pregnant with a deity. Joseph objected to this and wanted to leave Mary, the angel (angel) in the dream asked him not to do so and Joseph did not abandon Mary because of fear and stayed with her as husband and wife. Mary, who was pregnant with the deity, gave birth to Jesus. is jesus not god

Hazrat Jesus cannot cut sins
The birth and death of Hazrat Jesus and whatever miracles they performed were first determined by Brahma (Jyoti Niranjan). There is evidence in the Holy Bible that a person was born blind. He was healed by the blessings of Hazrat Jesus Christ. The disciples asked what sin this person had committed. Jesus said that it has no sin. This has happened because the glory of God has to be revealed. The sense is that if sin were to occur, Hazrat Jesus could not cure the eyes. is jesus not god

The painful death of Jesus Christ proves that he was not divine. God is imperishable.
At the age of thirty, Jesus Christ stood on top of a shaped wood with a crucifixion (wall) on Friday and buried mekh (thick nail) in his hands and feet.
Because of which Jesus died from extreme pain.

Jesus’ birth-death was predetermined *
The birth and death of Hazrat Jesus and all the miracles he performed were already determined by Brahma (Jehovah) so that the glory of his sent incarnation would remain and when the messenger of the perfect God came, no one believed him
For proof, see the Holy Bible in John 9: 1-34.

The angels used to enter and speak in Jesus
At one place Jesus said that I was even before Jacob. Yakub was the grandfather of Jesus from the point of view of the world. If Jesus had a soul, he would not have said that I was earlier than Yakub (his grandfather). It is proved that some other angel was speaking in Jesus who used to enter in a phantom. is jesus not god

Prophecy to send a helper (incarnation) in the Bible of Jesus Christ
Jesus predicted to send a helper (avatar) in the Bible John 16: 7 – I tell you the truth that my going is good for you. If I do not go, the assistant (avatar) will not come to you. But if I go, I will send it to you.
He is the Assistant / Avatar Purna Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj ji, who will establish peace in the world with his divine spiritual knowledge.

It is written in the Holy Bible that after leaving the body of Jesus, another Messiah will come into the world who will establish peace in the world.
He is none other than Jagatguru Tattvarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji.

God Kabir is protected only by devotion
His disciple handed Jesus to his opponents for only 30 rupees. Opponents crushed the nail in T-shaped wood. Hazrat Jesus said while dying that my lord! Why did you abandon me It is clear that Kaal Prabhu leaves alone at the last moment. (Holy Bible Matthew 27 and 28/20 in pages 45 to 48)

Was it Jesus who came out of the tomb?
No, it was not Jesus who came out of the tomb. He was the complete God Kabir Saheb, who appeared as Jesus to maintain the faith of his followers. Otherwise his followers would have lost faith in God and become atheists.

Souls with devotion come as prophets
In the Bible, there is a proof in the John Granth (chapter 16 verses 4 to 15) that Kaal sends devotees with devotion as prophets and continues to perform miracles with the earnings of those devotees. When his earnings are exhausted, he is left to die as Jesus died.
But after 3 days, God appeared as Jesus to keep his devotion to God. So that when the Bhakti Yuga comes, everyone should do devotion and seekers attain complete salvation.

The life of Jesus was fixed
Jesus died at the age of 30, which was predetermined. Jesus said that my death is near and one of you disciples will hold me opponents and they will kill me. This proves that Hazrat Jesus did not perform any miracle, it was all already determined. Hazrat Jesus could not make anyone happy, those who had happiness were already determined.

Dev and Pitar used to enter and speak in Hazrat Isa ji.
Proof: In The Bible chapter 2 Corinthians 2: 12-17, pages 259-260, it is clearly written that a soul enters the prophet and speaks.


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