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New Heaven And New Earth

new heaven and new earth
New Heaven And New Earth


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Hello friends, this information that you are going to read is 100% certified knowledge from the holy scriptures of all our religions, there is no scope for doubt anywhere, the subject we will read today is “Amarlok vs death lok”. How is Amarlok and where are we living, it is called death world, how is it like to live here, we will consider some such facts.

🏡 Satlok Vs Prithvi Lok

After going to Satlok, the birth and death of the soul ends forever. But in the absence of Satbhakti, the creatures of the earth keep wandering in the circle of 84 lakh yoni.



The earth is a captive food. Where Jyoti Niranjan Kaal / Brahma, the lord of the 21 universe, generates 84 lakh yoni to grieve the spirits. Whereas Satlok Parmeshwar is the world of KavirDev (Kabir Saheb), which is Azar Amar Avinashi Lok. Where there is no suffering of 84 lakh people.



All amenities are available in Satlok without doing it. Whereas no thing is attained without doing work in the earth.



Every creature on earth is sad. Satlok is the ocean of happiness. There is no such thing as sorrow. Birth is not death. Not old age.



The creature lives on earth as it did. There is no absence in Satlok. Everyone meets the quota of God and for this reason there is no rage. All live together in love and praise God.



There is no happiness in the earth from ant to elephant, from rancor to king. Satlok is the only place where ragas are not hostile. Where there is no absence of anything. Where everyone lives lovingly. Where twelve months spring remains.



God says –

Those who follow the earth, millions of creatures died in a day. This is the world of Kaal, here, in a moment, it does not know how many sins it causes. Whereas there is no sin / animal violence in Satlok. Satlok is the ocean of happiness.



How is Satlok?

Satlok is such an immortal world where the sharpness of the body of each swan soul is like 16 suns. Where only one can go by the Satbhakti told by the complete Guru.



Every swan soul has an imperishable body in the earth. Whereas everything comes under destruction in Prithvi Lok / Kaal Lok.



🏡 According to rugveda mandala 9 Sukta 96 Mantra 18, Nijdham of the complete divine KavirDev is in the third Mukti Dham “Satlok”. Where a man is not born after death. While the cycle of birth and death continues on the Earth / Kaal heaven and new earth



According to gita ji chapter 8 verse 16, all the folk from earth to Brahmaloka are in repetition. But Satlok is the immortal place, where the seeker’s birth and death do not take place.



The rivers of milk flow into the earth. There is no absence of anything. Whereas there are piles of dirt all over the earth. This folk is also called Khokapur. There is a lack of everything here.



Aajra (old age) and death is the unwavering truth of the earth. No creature can escape from this. After going to Satlok, both these havoc are completely eradicated.



Every swan soul in the earth has a divine body like the divine. Whose glory is similar to 16 suns. While on earth, everyone has a mortal body made of five elements. In which thousands of diseases always remain.



The earth has a body of five elements. But in Satlok we do not have a body of five elements. Our noori body is there. Which is not mortal. new heaven and new earth



Despite having convenient things in the earth, no one is happy here. Every moment there is an orgy of death. Here, fear of disease and death lives in every person’s mind every moment. In Satlok there is no disease, no fear of death. There is no absence of anything. Every person has a noori body.



After doing meditation on the earth, the creature goes to the heavenly hotel for some time. Then after spending his pious earnings, he goes back to hell and to the body of eighty-four million beings. Devotion is not destroyed in Satlok. Satlok is the eternal place. There are swan spirits.


Satlok Vs Prithvi Lok new heaven and new earth

There is no birth and death in Satlok. Whereas nothing on earth is permanent. All is mortal.



Birth and death are the biggest sufferings in the world. Whereas in Satlok there are all pleasures. Neither the sorrow of birth and death, nor the sorrow of old age.



Satlok is indestructible folk. Where there is no concept of high and low. Due to this, hatred does not arise. Whereas the whole world is burning in the fire of high and low, big and small on Earth.



Satlok is a silent world where there is no old age and disease. While there is no one left from both these situations in Prithvi Loka.


All actions on the earth are bound by bondage. All work is done by forcing the creature with the influence of all the three qualities. While there is no pressure of any quality in Satlok. Organisms are completely independent.


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