Only One Solution To Stop Rape Must Read

Only One Solution To Stop Rape

Only One Solution To Stop Rape
Only One Solution To Stop Rape

The power of God Kabir comes to power in the soul, which never inspires to do wrong. Nobody would like to take wrong steps. Because with the knowledge of God, he commits a gross sin as if a person familiar with the consequences of eating poison is also afraid of touching the poison. At present only the full saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is entitled to give the devotion of God Kabir. This is a simple way to eliminate rape. Kabir, look at Parnari, the feelings of sister and daughter. Say that Kabir is the destroyer of misconduct, this is a simple gesture. Spirituality: – Saint Rampal Das ji tells the thoughts of God Kabir in satsangs which have a profound effect on the human brain. In the speech, Kabir has said that the woman and girl of another should be seen from the point of view of their sister-daughter, so that there will never be any blame in the mind. Some ways to stop rape Only One Solution To Stop Rape

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The only option to eradicate the crimes of rape, sexual harassment and theft-robbery, corruption in the present-day human society, is the satsang idea of ​​Purna Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj ji and the courteous behavior and decency of his followers, To be served in front. Falling humanity is the cause of unrest of human society. Due to this, sex crimes are increasing. All this work has been spoiled by films. The detestable crime can be controlled by true spiritual knowledge. The incidents of rape and sexual harassment which are heard in the news are ten percent of the total crimes. Because 90% do not tell anyone due to fear of losing their honor and fear of overbearing. The lifelong is forced to die of suffocation. Presently, true spiritual knowledge is available only with the full saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Only One Solution To Stop Rape

Currently, there is a flood of religious gurus preaching. On the other hand, crime is also increasing uniquely. The reason for this is that apart from full saint Rampal Ji Maharaj ji, knowledge and devotion of any Guru is not according to the scriptures. Due to which there is no permanent effect on the audience. The sermons of Purna Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji make the hard heart soft. The audience is forced to think about their actions. The ideas of Purna Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji will improve the human society. Falling humanity will rise. The boys and girls of the country will return to their culture. There will be peace in the country of India. Together they will share each other’s grief. Will live a happy life Only One Solution To Stop Rape

There is a solution to all the crimes in the satsang, in a very effective manner with complete rationale by the complete saint Rampal ji Maharaj ji in the satsang due to social malpractices, dress, consumption of intoxicants, loss of humanity due to obscenity and adultery and loss of civilization. Is explained. Only true spiritual knowledge can stop crime. Do not listen to this story, listen to work. Say, Kabir, of thought, Bisar jawa hainam. Parmeshwar Kabir Sahib ji gives a message to humans that one should stay away from vulgar stories, discussions and scenes, this awakens the sensuality leading to incidents like rape. Instead, listen to the satsang thoughts of the full saint. Which will make good thoughts. Watch Sadhana Channel at 07:30 pm. Only One Solution To Stop Rape

It is possible only with good faith that the end of rape is complete, after listening to the satsang of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji, thinking will move towards spirituality only then crimes like rape will be eliminated from the country. When the satsang of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj ji goes on in every house, people will be afraid of evil. Purna Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj ji, in his satsang, tells us that looking at a foreign woman from the point of view of her sister, daughter or mother will never bring any blame. This is a simple way to eradicate misconduct, adultery, rape. Only One Solution To Stop Rape

Some tips to prevent rape. Read the holy book Gyan Ganga English for more information. 

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