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Power Thoughts Devotional || Must Read

Power Thoughts Devotional

power thoughts devotional

Power of true divine power thoughts devotional

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By staying in the spirit of devotion to God, cancer and AIDS are also cured. One can increase the full divine lifespan of a person who is a devotee and can destroy any disease. – Rigveda Mandal 10 Sukta 161 Mantra 2, 5, Sukta 162 Mantra 5, Sukta 163 Mantra 1 – 3 Power Thoughts Devotional

There is no premature death of the one who does devotion, who does spiritual practice by staying modest. It is written in the Vedas that the complete divine can also give the power to a dead seeker by living him and living for 100 years. Sant Rampal ji Maharaj tells such similar devotion. Power Thoughts Devotional

All the diseases are eradicated by practicing good faith. Vedas say that due to the full devotion of the Supreme God, diseases of patients are destroyed and the disciples of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj are also getting these benefits. 

Today, due to the faithfulness of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, lakhs of families are living a happy life free from diseases. Life becomes happy by doing satbhakti. Avoidance of sins, home affliction also ends. 

The parents who do devotion, then their children do special service to them. Spirits like Bhoot-Phantom, Pitar-Bhairav-Betal do not come around the family who do piety.

The gods protect that devout family. Drugs are relieved by doing self-worship. There is a hatred for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Human life becomes successful by doing Satbhakti. There is no evil in the family. The grace of God remains forever.

Taking initiation from full Satguru and staying in dignity and doing devotion, due to increase in auspicious rites, the time of sorrow starts turning into happiness. Power Thoughts Devotional

By doing satbhakti, the body stays healthy and due to the effect of devotion, the family respects itself. God can destroy the sins of those who practice devotion – Yajurveda Chapter 8 Mantra 13 By doing piety, crossing this world of sorrows from the world, he attains the ultimate peace and eternal place (about which is said in Gita chapter 18 verse 62) where after going to the seeker, once again return to the world. Don’t know.

After taking initiation in the shelter of Satguru (sainted visionary), all the sins of all sins are removed.

Then neither phantoms, nor donkeys, nor bulls are made. Satyalok is attained where only happiness is happiness, sorrow is not even a love. 

The suffering of eighty-four million vaginas is relieved by doing ‘Bhakti’. A man who does not do devotion after receiving birth, takes pains in the vagina of dogs, donkeys etc. The dog cries at night, facing the sky.

The disenfranchised family also settles down by doing goodwill and the whole family lives a life of happiness. Power Thoughts Devotional

The journey of life is easily fixed because the path of life is cleared. by doing devotional devotion, the divine powers give full benefit to the humans and the seeker lives a life without any worry by being dependent on God. 

Yama’s messengers are taken by those who do not do piety or do devotion against scripture, while the person who does piety, goes to the imperishable place i.e. Satlok, sitting in the plane with God. power thoughts devotional do you know about Jesus Christ and new heaven and new earth also read this.

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