Story Lion And Mouse

Story Lion And Mouse

In a forest, a lion was sleeping peacefully under a shady tree at noon. Just then a little mischievous mouse came there and started jumping on the soft silky body of the lion. He loved jumping on the soft skin of the lion. In the meantime, the lion’s sleep was awakened by his jump and bang. The lion caught the mouse in anger. As soon as it opened its mouth to eat it, the mouse shouted, “Don’t eat me, don’t eat me. If you leave me, one day I will be of great use to you.” The story lion and mouse

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The lion laughed at him and said, “What use would a small creature like you be to me? Still he felt pity on the mouse’s innocence and released him.

After a few days, the mouse saw that a hunter was taking the lion by trapping it in a net. The lion was crying for help. The mouse chased the hunter and cut the net as soon as he got a chance and set the lion free. story lion and mouse

The lion thanked the mouse. Both have now become friends.

Moral Education;

We are getting a lesson from this that never underestimate anyone. Who knows when someone will be needed.


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