the wise nomad inspirational story

the wise nomad inspirational story intelligent nomad

There was a nomad. He was coming towards Delhi by loading mat (multani mitti) on bullocks. While passing through many villages on the way, a lot of his mate was sold. The sacks laden on the backs of the oxen were half empty and half remained full. Now how can they stand on the backs of bullocks? Because the load is on one side! The servants asked what to do? Banjara said – ‘ Hey! What are you thinking, fill sand (sand) on one side of the sacks. This is the land of Rajasthan, there is a lot of sand here. The servants did the same. On the back of the oxen, on one side there was half a sack of mat and on the other side there was sand in half a sack. the wise nomad inspirational story

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A gentleman was coming there from Delhi. When they saw water flowing on one side of the sacks loaded on the oxen, they said why the sacks are filled with sand on one side? The servants said – ‘To balance.’ That gentleman said – ‘ Hey! What nonsense are you doing? Your master and you are one and the same. You are killing the bullocks by carrying the load for free! Tie half of two sacks of mat at one place and at least half of the oxen will walk freely without any weight.’ The servants said that your words are right, but we will do what our master says. You go and tell this to our master and get him to order us. He met the owner (Banjare) and spoke to him. Banjare asked where are you from? Where are you going? He said that I am a resident of Bhiwani. Went to Delhi to earn Rs. Stayed there for a few days, then became ill. The few rupees that were earned were spent. in business Loss incurred.

There was nothing nearby, so thought that we should go home. After listening to him, Banjara told the servants not to take their advice. Walk the way you walk. Their intellect seems to be good, but the result is not right. Had it turned out well, he would have become rich. Our intelligence may not look right, but its result is right. I have never suffered loss in my work. Banjara reached Delhi with his oxen. There he bought land and piled both mat and sand separately and told the servants to take the oxen to the forest and keep them where there is fodder and water. feed them here

If you feed, how will you earn profit? Mate bikini has started. On the other hand, the king of Delhi became ill. The doctor advised that if the emperor stayed on the dhore (sand dune) of Rajasthan, his body could be cured. Sand has the power to heal the body. So send the king to Rajasthan.
‘Why send Rajasthan? Get the sand from there right here!’ ‘It’s okay. Send a camel to bring sand.’ ‘Why send camels? This is where sand will be available in the market.
‘How will it be available in the market?’ the wise nomad inspirational story

‘Oho! There is a market in Delhi, everything is available here. I have seen a pile of sand at one place. ‘Good! Then get the sand ordered soon.’
The king’s men went to Banjara and asked him what is the price of sand? Banjara said that whether you buy mate or buy sand, the price is the same. Both have come with equal weight on the oxen. The king’s men bought all that sand. If Banjara had listened to that gentleman who had come from Delhi, then how would he have got this free money? This proved that Banjara’s intelligence was working properly. the wise nomad inspirational story

It should be learned from this story that those who have made their real progress, whose conscience has developed, who have experienced the truth, who have removed their sorrow, anger, restlessness etc., such saints- The words of the Mahatmas should be accepted; Because the result of his intelligence has been good. For example, if someone has earned a lot of money in business, then we will be benefited if we do as he says. If they have benefited then why won’t we benefit? In the same way, if we listen to the words of Saints and Mahatma’s, then we too will definitely be benefitted. Even if you do not understand his words, you should accept them. Till date, we have worked according to our understanding, so how much have we benefited? How far have we progressed with our intellect the wise nomad inspirational story


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