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Universe Creator In English Must Read

Universe Creator

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Purna Brahma: – In this creation, Satpurusha – Lord of Satlok (Lord), Alakh Purush – Lord of Alakh Lok, Agam Purush – Lord of Agam Lok and Anami Purush – Lord of Anami Akah Lok (Lord) is only one complete Brahma. , Who is a truly imperishable lord who lives in all four worlds by taking different forms. Under which innumerable universe comes. First of all there was only one place ‘Anami Lok’. The perfect God lived alone in that Anami Lok. The real name of that God is KavirDev meaning Kabir Parameshwara. All souls were absorbed into the body of that perfect rich man. God Kabir originated with the power of the word universe creator

Completely rich KavirDev himself composed all the works. With his word power, he created a Rajeshwari (national) power, which established all the brahmands.This is also called Parashakti Paranandani. Purna Prabhu appeared in Satlok after creating Anami, Agam, and Alakh Lok and this is also the master of Satlok. This is the name of Akalamurthy – the form of the word Rama – Purna Brahm – the ultimate letter Brahma etc. Kabir Prabhu’s human body is shining. The difference in the light of Kabir Parmeshwar (KavirDev) varies in different worlds. Similarly, Purna Parmatma KavirDev (Kabir Parmeshwar) composed the lower three lower worlds (Agamalok, Alakh Lok, Satlok) after Anami Lok with the word (word). KavirDev (Kabir Prabhu) appeared in Satpurush form and sat in Satlok and did other work in the first Satlok. Created sixteen islands with one word (word). Purna Brahm Kabir God created all the souls like his human body with his word power from within. Each swan created the same body as the soul of the soul,

whose glory is the same as that of 16 (sixteen) suns. But the light of a hair follicle in the body of God is more than that of millions of suns. Origin of 16 sons by word in Satlok Kabir God created sixteen sons with sixteen words after creating 16 islands in Satlok. Created a Mansarovar filled with nectar. In Satlok, when God asked Achint, one of the 16 sons of Kabir Parmeshwar, to create another creation, he created the Akshar Purush who slept in Mansarovar. God awakened Kaal to awaken him. Achint was unable to create. Satpurusha (KavirDev) told in the Satlok that both Akshar Purush and Kaal (Kshar Purush) should live in the island of Achint. After getting permission, both Akshar Purush and Kshar Purush (Kail) started living in the island of Achint. Then the full-fledged KavirDev composed all of himself. Parabrahma: – He is the lord (lord) of only seven conch brahmands. This letter is also called Purush. But this and its universe are also not truly indestructible. Brahma: – He is the lord (lord) of only twenty-one brahmands. It is known as Kshar Purush, Jyoti Niranjan, Kaal etc. This and all of its universe are perishable. How were souls trapped in the web of time? ” universe creator

When Brahma (Jyoti Niranjan) was meditating, all of us souls, who today live in twenty-one brahmands of Jyoti Niranjan, became enamored of its practice and started loving it with the conscience. His pleasant God Satya turned away from the man. Due to which the husband fell from office. Our attachment did not turn away from Kshar Purush even after the full Lord was repeatedly warned.
After a long time, Kshar Purush (Jyoti Niranjan) thought that all three of us (Achint – Akshar Purush – Kshar Purush) are living in one island and others are living in each island.

If you know more about that kshar purush akshar purush and param akshar purush evidence of shree madbhagvad gita chapter 15 verse 16,17 read that, universe creator

I will also meditate and get a separate island. Thinking so, he stood on one leg and meditated for seventy (70) yugas. Hakka Kabir (Sat Kabir) gave Jyoti Niranjan 21 (twenty-one) brahmands in exchange for his 70-day asceticism. Jyoti Niranjan once again meditated for 70 yugas and pleaded for material from the full divine Kavir Dev (Kabir Prabhu). The Satpurusha gave him three qualities and five elements, from which Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan) created something in his universe. Jyoti Niranjan meditated for 64 yugas to obtain Jiva for his 21 brahmands. Satpurush Kabir Parmeshwar said that Brahma I cannot give my souls as a result of any chanting and meditation. If someone wants to go voluntarily, he can go. Jyoti Niranjan then came to all the swan souls saying that I have received 21 brahmands from Father. There are many beautiful places built there. All of us swans, who are troubled in 21 universes today, said that we are ready! Purna Brahm gave the swan in the Satlok with the first time, the person who gave her consent to go into the universe 21, but the woman did not make sense and all souls (who had agreed to go with Jyoti Niranjan (Brahma)) The girl entered the body and named her Ashtra (Adi Maya / Prakriti Devi / Durga) and the true man said, “Son, I have given you the power of words, to produce as many living beings as you say.” Kaal decides to rape nature in Satlok. At the same time, Durga made a subtle form to protect her honor and by entering the stomach through the open face of Jyoti Niranjan, she pleaded with Purna Brahm Kavir Dev for her protection.
At the same time, KavirDev appeared there after taking the form of his son Yogjit and took the girl out of the stomach of Brahm and said that Jyoti Niranjan will be ‘Kaal’ from today. Your birth and death will continue, and you will eat one million human body animals every day and generate one and a quarter million. Both of you are expelled along with the twenty-one universe. As soon as he said this, twenty-one walked like a cosmic plane. Distinction between Brahma and Brahma – Brahma (Kshar Purush) himself lives in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva by creating three secret places in the paramount place in a universe and with the help of his consort Prakriti (Durga) produces three sons. . Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are also named after him. Brahma, who is the son of Brahma, is the minister (master) of a Rajoguna department in only three worlds (Prithvi Lok, Swarga Loka and Patal Loka) in one universe. It is called Trilokya Brahma and Brahma who resides in Brahmaloka in the form of Brahma is called Mahabrahma and Brahmaloki Brahma. This Brahm (Kaal) is also called Sadashiva, Mahashiva, Mahavishnu.

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