What Is God Law Must Read This Difrent Knowglage

What Is God Law

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Hello friends welcome, if you believe in God, then you are a believer, it is your good fortune that you want to know the constitution of God. You must have been surprised to hear that it has been said to the mouthpiece, but it will also give you the proof that it is true and they also only read this from their scriptures for now. Those who do not do devotion or do devotion against scripture, Yama’s messengers will take them by the arms. He will be beaten up. what is god law

This suffocating body explodes,

This breath is broken, the pinda is broken, Om is the account of the dargah.
Will be killed in that dargah, armies will catch fire. 

By doing sadhna against scripture, a donkey will become a donkey, will go to feed on the kurdis (heap of filth). Bullock etc. etc. will suffer on the suffering in the vagina of animals. what is god law

From male to animal again,

From the male, then made animals like donkeys, bullocks.
Where is the enjoyment of Chhappan, did you go to graze somewhere?

Tobacco consumption is a sin. Tama + Khu = Tamakhu.

Khoo Naam Khoon Ka Tama Naam Cow. Don’t drink it a hundred times – eat it.

This tobacco is derived from the blood of a cow. Consuming tobacco is as sinful as drinking cow’s blood.

Daughter is the form of Goddess. The daughter is killed in the womb which is a great sin. what is god law

Know Parstri according to age in the sense of mother, sister or daughter.

Jati-Sati couple,

The pair of sati, never boils of sorrow.

Purusha Yeti (Jati) sleep, know your thoughts till your triya.
Mother sister daughter and world’s name.

One who drinks water like bitter liquor, becomes a dog for seventy births. Drinks water from dirty drains and eats filth. what is god law

Drink bitter water.

Drink bitter water.
Known of seventy birth dogs.

Those who drink alcohol and indulge in adultery, meat eaters, beheaded in the lives of human or goat-goat, buffalo or chicken etc. for seventy births. what is god law

Liquor, non-vegetarian.
Go enjoy but woman.
Seventy births are cut.
Sakshi sahib is Jagdish.

Intoxication destroys. The consumption of intoxicants should not be given away even after bringing intoxicants to anyone. what is god law

Poor, Cannabis, Tobacco drink only, Sura paan sain hai.
By eating goast matti, become a wild ghost.

Human beings who do theft, dacoity, cheating, prostitution, they are great criminals. Women who do the business of prostitute are also great criminals. They will be severely punished in the court of God. what is god law 

Kabir, theft continues, prostitute attitude, kabhu na karyo koye.
Virtue found male body, don’t lose anything.

Man should not fight by dividing the religion caste.

Caste and caste are all lies, don’t be misled.
Not the caste of Jagdish, what happened to Auran.

Until the true Guru is found, the Guru should be changed. Give up the false guru immediately. Moksha is impossible without Satguru. what is god law

“Till the time the guru is found, do the guru ten five”what is god law

Kabir favors a false guru, tajat na lagai war.
Do not get the door of salvation, stay the war of war”.

The one who goes to the traitor of Guru, without devotion, will go to hell and lakhs of eighty-four Junis. 

Poor, on the foot of the traitor of the master, je pug aavai bir.
Eighty-four have the determination, where is the Satguru Kabir?

Dowry transactions should not be done in marriage.

Dowry enemy of peace, cause a rift in the relationship.
No greater dowry than Kanyadan, Eighteen years of love.
Those who do not have philosophy, they ask for bhathiyare,
The one who takes money (dowry) in exchange for the girl, all the way to hell.

The judge who punishes the innocent, does injustice, he gets a lot of pain and goes to hell and eighty-four.

God forgives even the heinous crimes of those who do good devotion. Moksha is not possible without a Guru.
Kabir, whenever the heart of Satyanaam, fear, destroy the sin.
Like the spark of fire, the old grass lying.

Those who worship the gods attain the gods, those who worship the ancestors attain the ancestors, those who worship the ghosts attain the ghosts. Worship God Kabir so that there can be complete liberation. what is god law

Poor, Bhoot is Rama so ghost, Dev Rama is so God.
Ram is Rama so Ram, listen Sakal Sur Bhave.”

One who misbehaves with a foreign woman has to suffer 70 births in the vaginas of the blind. Those who look at the other woman are infidels. what is god law

But through the woman’s opening, sheer birth becomes blind.

Killing a living being is a heinous crime. One who eats meat becomes a part of Mahanarak.

Kabir, be a living being, do violence to the head.
Corporation Puni has not been engulfed in such sins.

Money earned from corruption and bribery destroys self and family.

One should not abuse or abuse anyone.

Kabir, aavat abuse is one, vice versa.
Where Kabir is not inverted, he is one of the other.

Watching pornographic movies, watching dramas, gambling, playing cards is prohibited. Due to this the precious time of human life is wasted which has been got for attaining salvation. what is god law

Kabir Manush birth is rare, not found again and again.
Leaves fell from the tree, it doesn’t seem like a lot.

Those who keep untouchability, discrimination of high and low and caste are guilty of God because all living beings are children of God. what is god law

Jiva is our race, human religion is ours.
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian religion is not different.

Those who harass a devotee of God, they make God unhappy. The soul is a part of God, so God also feels the happiness and sorrow of his part. what is god law

Do not cause sorrow to my soul by saying Kabir.
Devotees are sad, I am sad, my self is also sad.

Interest should not be charged. Those who eat the amount of interest, they get the vagina of a bull in the next birth. what is god law

The saint who is playing with the precious human birth by doing sadhna against scripture, will be hanged upside down in the ghastly hell in the court of God.

At the age of 3 years, the child should be given an instruction from a complete saint and should do bhakti. what is god law 

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