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Who Is Al Khidr In Islam Allah Kabir Is Al Khidr 

who is al khidr in islam

who is al khidr in islam in

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Kabir is God Himself who performs the Leela by the name of Al-Khidr. Al-Khidr (Kabir ji) kills a Hasur boy, Moses considers him wrong. Shows poor karma. Later al-Khidr makes it clear that the parents of this boy are supreme devotees of God. This boy would later interrupt their devotion. Hence it is killed. Now Allah will give them righteous sons who
There will be no hindrance in their devotion. who is al khidr in islam

The power of the mantra of Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir), when Ali sought blessings from Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir) to win in the Badar war, he gave him a word. By chanting it, Ali won the war that took place between Muhammad and his opponents. Saint Garibdas ji has said in his Amritvani that “Ali is the lion of Allah. If you raise the sword, it touches the sky. All this was due to the blessings of the amazing God and the power of the mantra mentioned. Al-Khidr, that is, the true mantra of Allah Kabir can also eliminate the punishment of karma “Ali”, the Muslim should also be al-Khidr mi. Named him and said that this name (Mantra) will also end innumerable sins. Today, the same powerful mantra, Babbar Purna Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, is saying that the disease of birth and death ends and happiness is also attained here. The Quran knowledge giver also asks to go to the shelter of al-Khidr (Kabir Allah). There is evidence in the Quran Sharif Surah-Kaf 18 verses 60-82 that Hazrat Musa had Allah, the one possessing more ilm (true philosophy) than him. Sends Whose name is Al-Khidr (Kabir ji). Allah of Moses refers to some other God.

Hazrat Musa Ji’s Allah tells Moses to go to a person with more knowledge than Moses, whose name is “Al-Khidr” (Kabir Saheb). {In some Islamic books, Khizr and Khazir also write the name of al-Khidr. Allah Kabir is al-Khidr. Moses’ knowledge of Allah is incomplete, which is nothing before the knowledge of Al-Khidr (Khizr). The knowledge given by Allah is in the Bible and the Quran. Kabir is God Himself who performs the Leela by the name of al-Khidr. The knowledge of Moses in front of the knowledge of Al-Khidr (God Kabir) is nothing but the one who gives knowledge of the Quran and the Bible, Allah is the same, He tells his devotee Moses that the knowledge I have told you (in Jabur). This knowledge has nothing to do with the knowledge of al-Khidr (God Kabir). Allah’s knowledge of Hazrat Musa ji is incomplete. Allah himself of Musa ji says that your knowledge is nothing in front of the knowledge of al-Khidr (Allah Kabir). The knowledge given by Allah is in the Bible and Quran texts.

Al-Khidr is also called Jinda Pir. There are many memorabilia of Al-Khidr (Kabir Prabhu) in Muslim countries. He is the eternal God. Kabir the Supreme God continues to perform many leela by making many forms. Al-Khidr (Khizr) is God Kabir himself. He used to preach his true knowledge in the Muslim countries as a living Pir. Al-Khidr (God Kabir) is known and worshiped by different names in different civilizations. Al-Khidr (God Kabir) never grows old. Al-Khidr (Kabir Alive Pir) Muhammad ji met twice in his lifetime . First in youth and then in old age. The age of al-Khidr did not change at all. He is the eternal God. Indestructible Allah Hazrat Muhammad met Al-Khidr (Kabir Prabhu) twice in his youth and old age. But the age of Al-Khidr (Kabir Prabhu) did not change at all. This proves that al-Khidr (Kabir ji) is indestructible. Allah Kabir is al-Khidr. “Al-Khidr” is known and worshiped by different names in different civilizations today. Al-Khidr is mentioned in 55 Hadiths. Muslim scholars believe that al-Khidr can be recognized by many with his soft hands. God / Allah / Al-Khidr Kabir ji declares: -Had cham lahu na more, jane satnam upasi taran taran abhay padas (salvation) giver, I am Kabir. He also performed al-Khidr’s Leela. At the time of objection Rama and Krishna were secretly assisted by Kabir Parmeshwar. He was also present as Avatar (as Munindra and Karunamay). He has infinite crore avatars. He goes up to his Satlok a hundred times a day and comes down once again hundred times. (Khaliq) God (Khalak) performs twelve seasons i.e. six months in the world always.

God Kabir is Al-Khidr
Saint Garibdas ji has said that: Poor are infinite category incarnations, nine Chitwans destroy wisdom. In Khalik Khelai Khalak, six seasons twelve months. That is, those who do not have philosophy, consider only nine incarnations and for that reason consider them to be avatars of Vishnu. But all the Leela Kabir does Satyapurusha.
The kabir is al khidr if you any doubt about that must read book Gyan Ganga writing by saint rampal ji maharaj in all languages as you like.
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