Islam And Rebirth In English Reality Test In Islam

islam and rebirth

islam and rebirth
Islam And Rebirth

Let’s read about rebirth in Islam

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Kuran Sharif – Sura has told about the rebirth in Al-Ambiya.
21: 104 The day we wrap the sky as the pages are wrapped in the register, we will revise it the way we started the creation earlier. This is a promise we hold. Of course we have to do this.islam and rebirth

The Muslim cleric Zakir Naik believes that once a Muslim is born he is buried in the grave and when the day of doom comes, he goes to Jannat or Jahnum according to his deeds and then after that Remains permanently there.
If this were true, life in the grave would have been worse than hell.
Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has given proof about rebirth by giving evidence from Quran Sharif – Surah Al Ambiya 21: 104.

In the Quran Sharif Sura Al-Ambiya 21: 104, Quran tells the knowledge giver Allah Hazrat Muhammad ji that at the time of doom we will wrap up the sky, that is, destruction and then we will be born again in the same way that we have born this time. . And start the world again. It is clear from this verse of Quran Sharif that rebirth occurs.

The Muslim clerics believe that rebirth does not occur. Whereas Bakhar Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji has attested from Quran Sharif – Sura Al Ambia 2: 104 that it is said that rebirth happens. Islam And Rebirth

It is believed in Muslim religion that at the time of death after death all Muslims will be taken out of the tombs and brought to life and according to prayer they will be sent to Jannat or Dोजkh, then they will not be born. Whereas the Bakbar saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has attested in the Quran (Surat Furqan 25:59) that no one can attain Allah / Moksha without the true worship as told by Bakhabar. Till then, birth and death will remain, that is, rebirth will continue. Islam And Rebirth

There is a vague notion in Muslim society that there is no rebirth. According to Muslim saints, a person is born only once. After death the person is buried in the tomb where he stays until the doom comes.
While Bakbar saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji attested from the Quran Sharif – Sura Al Ambia 21: 104, that it is said that rebirth happens.
This verse of the Quran falsified the principle of reincarnation of Muslim religion. Islam And Rebirth

It is plenary.
Purna Sant Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj explains through a word describing the past births of sister Kamali: –
Bansuri from Rabia, then made Ganaka Khayal.
Once again, I got my refuge from the courtesan.

You have to decide
Hazrat Muhammad ji true or today’s Muslim religious leader?
Hazrat Muhammad ji says that he saw Hazrat, Isa, Musa, Dawood etc. in Jannat whereas fake Muslim religious leaders say that Muslims remain in the tomb till the doom, then how did Jesus, Moses and Dawood ji go to Jannat?

Ignorance is better than living in darkness, accept the light of knowledge
The current Muslim religious leaders kept the public ignorant in the dark. Whereas the holy Babur saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji, who descended on the holy land of Haryana, has illuminated the wisdom of the innocent Muslim people by destroying the darkness of ignorance of the innocent people by exposing the hidden secrets in the Holy Quran Sharif. And it has been proved that rebirth occurs. Islam And Rebirth

No one can get the knowledge of the holy scriptures without a saint
At this time, there is only one complete saint in the whole world, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Those who have attested from the Holy Quran Sharif – Surah Al Ambia 21: 104, have told that rebirth happens. While fake Muslim religious leaders have been misleading Muslim society by saying that rebirth does not happen. Islam And Rebirth

Muslims believe that rebirth does not happen. They are born only once, then die, after which they are buried in the tomb. Then whenever there is doom (destruction of the world), the dead will be taken out of the tomb and put into heaven and hell according to the deeds. After this, the universe will be closed forever. While Hazrat Muhammad ji saw Baba Adam, Musa, Isa, Dawood etc. in Jannat above. Then they too should have stayed in the tomb. This clearly shows that there is rebirth in Islam too. islam and rebirth Islam And Rebirth

Read the holy book Gyan Ganga for more information.


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