Do Not Eat Meat In Quran Must Read In English With All Avidence

Allah said that do not eat meat in quran 

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do not eat meat in quran

Let’s start this post on do not eat meat in quran 

Eating meat is forbidden read some content as a sms language in hindi do not eat meat in quran Nabi Muhammad Namaskar, Ram Rasul Kahaya, 1lakh 80 ko Saugandh jin nhi Karad chalaya in on 1 lakh 80. Allah is a throne on the chair, the Khaliq is not empty He was a Prophet of Pak purushh, Abdali of Sahib. Garib Dasji says that the prophet Muhammad was a very good soul of God. He never ate meat, nor asked his 1,80,000 disciples to eat it. Criminal murder do not eat meat in quran 

Kata kooti jo karai, disguise the hypocrisy No doubt Ram does not know, say Kabir Sandes. Kabir Parmeshwar has said that those who kill an animal and cut its body are hypocritical. I do not know the law of God – this is my message. No slaughter of Allah do not eat meat in quran 

If a person who had sacrificed innocent creatures in the name of Bakrid got a Jannat by cutting the neck of a goat, why not send Janma to his family after studying Kalma. Allah is not pleased with the sacrifice of innocent animals The one who chews and cries In Sai’s court, the person who cuts the throat of a creature will have to get his throat cut off. The result of doing it is definitely found in the court of God. Eating meat is not acceptable Garibdas Kis Hukam Sai, Pakari Pachari cow. Sant Garibdas ji is telling mullahs and kajis that God is not happy with you killing a cow for eating meat. It is against God’s command. And you will feel great sin. Eating meat is a great Kabir, meat is a fish fish, with the help of alcohol. Te nara narkai jhinge, including parents. God Kabir says that humans who eat meat and fish go to hell with their parents. Eating meat is terrible. It is not written in the holy book of any of our religions. Divine message on goat eid do not eat meat in quran 

Take the poor Qazi Khilas, the custom of fasting.Garibdas Allah bhajo, yo time will pass. God has said that Qazi-mulla should abandon these wrong practices and do devotion to that one Allah / God, otherwise this man will get away from the precious time of life. Flesh eating monsters Allah Kabir is the father of all. Allah is never pleased with the killing of his creatures. do not eat meat in quran 

Kabir-meat Ahari Manai, the direct demon. So that fellowship is good, there is loss in devotion. Devil Kabir, who eats meat, eats meat and eats all; Harai on the misdeeds of the family, Rama says so high. Kabir Parmeshwar has termed the meat eater as half-hearted and the one who consumes liquor as inferior. And have told the worshiper of Rama / Allah the best. Whether it is a person of any caste or religion. Eat goat, chicken (cucumber), cow, donkey, pig. (Rees) also imitate Bhakti. God (Allah) is far from those who commit such sins. Goats ate kukdi, Gau Gadhara Sur. Garibdas in that disaster, away from you. Part of hell who killed life. The real definition of sacrifice is not by cutting the neck, but by dedication. Surrender your heart, mind and wealth to the Lord, the Lord loves this sacrifice. God never likes violence, murder. Bakhbar’s message do not eat meat in quran 

If you are fond of doing halal then finish your work, anger, greed, fascination, ego etc. by halal evils. Do true devotion with devotion to Allah, that is indeed sacrifice. Horse camels are not stuck, what a rabbit is a pheasant. Garibdas is such a mischievous son, Alha is a hundred Kos.Horse, camel, pheasant, even eat rabbit and do devotional worship. Such an (evil) sinner is away from (Allah) the Supreme Hundred Kos (one curse is three kilometers). Allah is far from the sinner. Eating meat is forbidden Sunni Qazi Kalia did In Garibdas dargah, the footsteps between the throats. do not eat meat in quran 

You eat meat, animals commit violence, then you also do devotion. You are doing it wrong. In the court of God, there will be a trap in the throat, that is, will be punished. Mullan bhai from chicken, mulla feri chicken Garib Das Dosakh Dhasain, not found God Kabir said, O Qazi and Mullah! Listen, if you kill a chicken then it is a sin. In any further life, a rooster will become a Kazi, a Kazi will become a cock, then it will kill a rooster spirit. Heaven will not be found, you will go to hell. Kabir God used to explain the main functionaries of Muslim religion to save the Kazis and Mullahs from sin. Used to say that Kazi and Mulla! You are participating in sin by killing the cow. You goat, kill cock, this is also a great sin. The killing of a cow does not please (Allah) the divine, but is angered. By whose order have you killed a cow? God Kabir said that both (Hindus and Muslims) religion, have compassion. Believe my word that boar and cow have only one speech, that is, only one organism. Neither eat cows nor pigs.Doon deen dya karou Garibdas Gau Sura, Ekai Bolan Haar. Be it Hindu or Muslim meat-eating devil The Kabir God has said that Hindu beings commit violence by shock. Muslims slowly kill creatures. It is called halal kiya. This is a sin. Both will be in bad shape. Do not kill the soul of God, God Kabir has said to do good vegetarianism. Cook basmati rice. Add ghee and khand (sweet) to it and eat and do devotion. Renounce (littering) bad (sin) deeds. Do not cook mud and do not kill the soul of God. Today, if someone is born in the house of a Pandit, then in the next life one can take birth in the house of a mullah. So stay in love with each other. Hindu beings commit violence with shock. Muslims slowly kill creatures. It is called halal kiya. This is a sin. Both will be in bad shape. Hindu Jhatkai Marahee, Muslim Karai Halal. Garibadas do Din ka hosi hall Do not kill the soul of God, Qazi reads Kalma, that is, he kills animals and birds. Then the holy book reads the Quran. Saint Garibdas ji is telling that Kabir God has said that this (oppression) crime will cause both to die, that is, the earth will also suffer from karma. Will be cast up in hell. Do not kill the spirit of God, cow is our mother, whose milk is milk. Garibdas Qazi crooked, cut off. do not eat meat in quran 
Parmeshwar Kabir Ji told the Kajis and Mullahs that cow is our mother, whose milk is consumed by all.O (devious) wicked Qazi! You cut the cow. do not eat meat in quran 
The kabir is almighty Allah if you any doubt about that must read book Gyan Ganga in Urdu do not eat meat in quran
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